Secure eTools - Available in Mid-December

In mid-December, you will be able to register for access to our secure eTools. Things to know:

  • Member-Specific Information – Once you have access to secure eTools, you can view CoOportunity Health members’ benefits, eligibility or claims information.
  • Paperless Remittances Only – An electronic remittance is available in two formats:
    • Receive the Electronic Remittance Advice (835) when you use one of our approved clearinghouses (see Resources page for list).
    • View and print the remittance as a PDF if you have access to our secure eTools.
    • Remittances will not be mailed.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer – Sign up for electronic funds transfer (EFT) at in December. Otherwise, you will receive your claims payments in the mail.
  • eTool Registration – Begin your registration for eTool access one of two ways:
    • Visit in December to register proactively. You will receive a PIN in the mail to complete the registration process for access to secured applications.
    • Register at after you receive your first claim reimbursement check from CoOportunity Health and register for instant access to our secured portal.
  • Webinars – Sign up for a webinar to learn more about our secure portal. Watch our Training page for updates.
What Can You Do Now?
  • Complete our email registration form to receive periodic news updates from CoOportunity Health.
  • Sign up for upcoming webinars to learn more about other aspects of CoOportunity Health.
  • Enroll for electronic claims transactions from the list of clearinghouses and the available transactions for each clearinghouse on our Resources page.











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