Your Opportunity. Choose Different.

Iowans and Nebraskans are very familiar with the cooperative concept. It’s a group of like-minded people who come together and believe in self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity for its members. In turn, members can expect to be dealt with honestly, openly and with care. We’re all of that … but also different. Here’s how:

We're a CO-OP

1. We're a CO-OP

  • Health insurance you don’t just buy — you join.
  • A company member-owned, member-powered and run by members for members.
  • Each member has a voice, a vote and access to complete transparency of information: members elect the Board of Directors, a majority of whom also must be enrolled in the CO-OP health plan.
  • A community of people working together to shape a new healthcare experience.

2. We're a nonprofit

  • Quite frankly, we’re about people — not profits.
  • We exist to create maximum value for our members — not shareholders, investors or senior executives.
  • As the only nonprofit health insurance CO-OP in Iowa and Nebraska, we behave differently: we must maintain low administrative overhead to provide cost-efficient health insurance solutions.
  • Any savings are returned to members and their providers of care to lower premiums, improve health benefits or the quality of healthcare, and contribute to the stability of coverage for members.
We're a nonprofit
Not the Status Quo

3. We're nothing like the status quo

  • A new kind of health insurance company designed for the new marketplace.
  • We believe success is built through strong, collaborative relationships among purchasers, providers of care and payers.
  • Through collaborations with known high-quality providers and best-practice business partners, we bring inventive, solid solutions to Iowa and Nebraska for our members.
  • All we do is health insurance, so we’re focused on creating a quality experience that is accessible for all.

4. We guarantee you a supportive, engaging

  • We exist to serve our members and we take member service very seriously.
  • We work to provide caring, compassionate help in every member interaction through accessible channels of their choice.
  • Member service experts provide personalized, enthusiastic support and are dedicated to achieving first-call resolution.
  • Our team of healthcare professionals provides empathetic guidance for members participating in an array of health management programs designed to support a lifetime of better health.

5. We're stronger together

  • Members can do their part by committing to healthier lifestyles and active engagement with the CO-OP.
  • We will do our part by offering inventive, consumer-focused products with benefit designs that reinforce the importance of preventive care through a medical home.
  • We’re here for you with the experts and the education to help you manage your health and your health insurance.
  • We want to foster a culture of commitment to personal accountability toward each member’s health and an understanding of how every member’s health affects the community of members with rewards for healthy choices and active engagement.
  • We want you as a member for life.