Election Results

Who Voted?

The ballots are tallied and the results are in: 5,325 members out of 69,823 eligible members voted in our first annual election of board directors. That's 7.63 percent and a pretty good start for an inaugural election.

Meet the New Directors

Three new member-elected directors now serve on the CoOportunity Health board. They are:

  • Richard Campagna, Iowa City, Iowa
  • Rebecca J. Rayman, Columbus, Neb.
  • Stephanie Schwinn, Waverly, Iowa

Read more about these directors and all the board members serving in 2015.

Qualifications & Selection Process
Required Application Materials

Candidates interested in being considered by the Nominating Committee must submit an application form, resume and other background information. The nominating period for 2015 director positions is now closed. Information regarding applying for 2016 member-director board positions will be available mid-2015.

Role of Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee, appointed by the current “formation” Board of Directors, is responsible for identifying potential director candidates, as well as reviewing nomination applications submitted by CoOportunity Health members. The committee will conduct interviews and background checks, and present a slate of qualified candidates that will appear on the election ballot.

Who Can Be Nominated?

CoOportunity Health members may nominate themselves or another member for consideration as a potential candidate for a director position. In addition, qualified candidates may be identified and recruited by the Nominating Committee. The nomination period for 2015 director positions is now closed. The nomination period for 2016 positions will open mid-2015.

Areas of Expertise Needed

In order to ensure a well-functioning Board of Directors, board members must represent a broad spectrum of expertise needed to provide a complex insurance organization with strategic direction and the appropriate degree of oversight. For this reason, the Nominating Committee will seek to ensure that the nominees represent one or more of the following areas of expertise:

  • Business Experience
  • Financial Acumen
  • Legal or Regulatory Background
  • Marketing Expertise
  • Medical and/or Hospital Background
  • Insurance (particularly Health Insurance) Experience
  • Social Service and/or Community Service Involvement
Basic Qualifications for Director Service

A member-director, elected from the insured membership of CoOportunity Health, must meet certain basic requirements as specified by both Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) regulations and federal and/or state insurance company director requirements.

  1. At the time of your appointment to the Board of Directors, you must be covered under an individual or group health insurance policy issued by CoOportunity Health.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. You cannot have been convicted of a felony involving dishonesty or breach of trust.
  4. You cannot be a director, officer, employee or representative of any:
    • Federal, state or local government or any political subdivision or instrumentality thereof;
    • Health insurer that was in existence on July 16, 2009 (a “pre-existing issuer”), a holding company controlling a pre-existing issuer, a foundation established by one, a predecessor of one, or a related entity;
    • Trade association of pre-existing issuers.
  5. While you may be a director, officer, employee or representative of another entity, that service may not conflict with director’s duties to CoOportunity Health.
  6. You must disclose financial information, to include having been declared bankrupt or having been an owner of an enterprise that has been declared bankrupt.
  7. You must disclose personal information, to include any criminal charges and convictions (excluding civil traffic offenses).
  8. You must pass a federal and/or state background check as required for insurance company directors.
  9. You must complete UCAA Form 11 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
  10. You understand that Board of Director elections are always contested, with more than one nominee per open director positions.
  11. You must agree to public disclosure of your name as a nominee for director, to include election material sent to CoOportunity Health members and available on the public website, public statements and reports to both the Iowa Insurance Division and Nebraska Department of Insurance.
Background Check

Potential nominees will be required to complete a UCAA Form 11 from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) and pass a federal and/or state background check for insurance company directors in order to be considered. The Nominating Committee will provide more information about requirements later in the selection process.



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