Resources for Brokers

Resources on this page include information about the Fulfillment Center and forms for you to use in the small group quoting process and for making updates to individual policies.

Fulfillment Center

The Fulfillment Center is your resource to:

  • Order brochures and other sales materials
  • Order customizable broker marketing materials
  • Download PDFs of brochures and Outlines of Coverage

First-Time Users

  • Go to the Fulfillment Center
  • Enter using the following:
    • Username: brokers2014
    • Password: cooportunity
  • Register and set up your secure username and password
  • We will verify you are an appointed agent based on your NPN
  • Enter account information including shipping address for convenience in repeat orders
Fulfillment Center Catalogs

Use these handy catalogs as your resource for materials available on the Fulfillment Center:
Iowa Broker Marketing Materials Catalog
Nebraska Broker Marketing Materials Catalog


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