Stephanie Schwinn is a mental health therapist currently practicing in Waterloo, Iowa. While she had health insurance coverage in the past, three years ago it became too expensive and she had to do without. “I literally had to choose between groceries or health insurance,” she said.

Even though she was generally healthy, Stephanie worried about the cost of an accident or the sudden onset of a medical condition. So she followed the progress of the Affordable Care Act very closely. And when she learned that CO-OPs were going to be a part of it, she got excited.

The CO-OP model appealed to her because she likes our focus on taking care of our members, not enriching stockholders. So she researched us extensively. By October 1, she had already visited our website several times, had become a Facebook fan, and spoken with a representative who answered her questions.

“When the big day arrived, like everyone else, I found busy,” Stephanie said, “so I went directly to the CoOportunity Health website, and after a little comparison shopping, found a suitable policy.”


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“I called CoOportunity Health’s customer service and found it very helpful. I told the representative that I’d never been excited to buy health insurance before!”


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