Amber and David Winter were born and raised in Lincoln, Neb., and have been married since 2005. They met at Williams Cleaners, the Winter family business, originally purchased by David’s grandfather in 1972. They used to get their health insurance through the company.

In 2010, Williams Cleaners decided it could no longer offer group health insurance. Amber and David then purchased a family plan, but year-by-year they found their deductibles increasing. In the end they were forced to decrease their benefits to keep costs in line.

That’s why they were excited when their agent first told them about CoOportunity Health. “The coverage options were great,” said Amber. “I was especially excited to see the ‘Three-for-Free’ benefit, which I know will save us money.”

The Winters chose the peace of mind they found in the Premier Gold Plan. Having children and not knowing what the future may hold, they were reassured the deductible and out-of-pocket expenses were affordable.

“In a world of rising costs,” said Amber, “it was comforting to see this company move into Nebraska and offer affordable health insurance.”


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“Not only are the CoOportunity Health costs in line with our budget, but the coverage is exactly what we wanted in a healthcare plan. The network is broad and allows us to keep our existing doctors and hospital of choice.”


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