The CoOportunity Health DNA is predicated on the tenet that every action we take, every decision we make should not only benefit our members and our company, but ultimately all citizens in Iowa, Nebraska and beyond. The mission, vision and values developed from the infancy of the organization reflect that understanding and commitment. 

As stated by our CEO David Lyons:

“The issue of our day is how our health insurance system shifts from one that identifies and avoids risk to one that identifies and manages risk. It is how our healthcare system shifts from a focus on the amount of care to a focus on the health of our population. And, it is how our national economy transitions from one hobbled by unsustainable health spending to one unleashed by new value and productivity in America. Simply put, this new vision invites people who had been excluded to become included.”

Because CoOportunity Health was founded on this vision — shared by everyone who works at the CO-OP — we are way ahead of the curve when it comes to social responsibility. We don’t have to build it into our business strategy because it is our business strategy. We believe that collaborative relationships — among providers, purchasers, payers and patients — are more important than profits. This guides our actions as a health plan, but also our approach to community involvement, corporate philanthropy and social responsibility.

Community Outreach: For more information about community outreach, sponsorships, volunteerism or giving, please contact Leigh McGivern at 515.777.7061 or [email protected]

Integrated Care/Quality Improvement: For more information about collaboration on pilots that focus on improvements in healthcare delivery that achieve improved patient outcomes and/or cost efficiencies, please contact Mary McConville at 515.777.7057 or [email protected]




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