By now you’ve probably learned that the CoOportunity Health business model is designed to run lean, with a full-time staff of fewer than 50 people working in collaboration with best-in-category business partners Midlands Choice and HealthPartners. It should come as no surprise, then, that to this point the act of building CoOportunity Health has required a singular “all hands on deck” attitude from each and every employee.

Open Enrollment Outreach & Education

But, even during our infancy, we pride ourselves on being and becoming a strong community partner. Part of that partnership philosophy includes encouraging volunteerism among our small employee team. During the months of open enrollment (Oct. 1 through March 31) our employees volunteered more than 130 hours of their Saturdays and evenings to help staff health education and/or enrollment fairs in both states. We look forward to providing support in the upcoming open enrollment period from Nov. 15, 2014, through Feb. 15, 2015.

Speaking Engagements

Further, since the day we first opened our doors, our experienced and knowledgeable leadership team members — experts on the Affordable Care Act and in their respective areas of health insurance — have been responding to speaking engagement requests all across Nebraska and Iowa. We will continue to honor as many educational speaking engagements as we can, because we genuinely believe it is our responsibility to help educate as many people as possible about how the changes in healthcare and health insurance can positively impact the quality of their lives.

Future Volunteering

Finally, CoOportunity Health is presently developing an employee engagement program that will allow our staff to volunteer and support causes, groups and organizations that are important to them.

Contact Us: If you would like to request a CoOportunity Health subject matter expert volunteer at your event, please contact Leigh McGivern, 515.777.7061 or [email protected]


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