Reward Yourself With a
$100 VISA® Gift Card

When is the last time an insurance company gave you money back for taking care of yourself? Well, welcome to the CoOportunity Health difference! We want you to enjoy a lifetime of good health and wellness. What better way for us to encourage your healthy behaviors and active participation in managing your overall well-being than a little jingle in your pocket?

The Healthy Rewards $100 VISA® gift card is available to all CoOportunity Health members 18 years and older (limited to two $100 gift cards* per contract per plan year; one card per member per year). To earn the gift card follow these simple steps:


Routine Preventive Physical Exam
Call your primary care physician or practitioner to schedule and complete a physical exam. Be sure to gather important information, such as blood pressure, body mass index, and cholesterol and glucose numbers, if appropriate. You’ll need to “know your numbers” for Step 2. Remember, preventive care like a physical exam and appropriate preventive care tests are covered benefits in all CoOportunity Health plans at no cost to you. To ensure your physical exam counts toward receiving your $100 Healthy Rewards VISA® gift card, have your provider use one of the preventive services procedure codes (CPT codes) from 99381 to 99397.



Health Assessment
Set aside 15-20 minutes to complete an online health assessment. It’s not hard, but you’ll need the information from your physical exam in hand to fully answer all the questions. To access the health assessment log on to the secure Member website. Haven’t registered as a member yet? No worries, grab your member ID number and register now! Once you are registered, look for the Health Assessments tab on the Member home page and follow the instructions. That’s it!






*Any tax liability connected with the receipt or use of a reward is the user’s or the member’s responsibility. The Healthy Rewards $100 VISA gift card reward is not available to large employer groups. Check with your benefits department if you have questions.



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