Healthy Rewards for a Healthier Company

Investing in employee health and wellness is good for your business bottom line. It contributes to increased worker productivity and lower healthcare costs, and reduces absenteeism. As your health insurance partner, CoOportunity Health is committed to actively working to help you create a culture of health for your employees.

But, you’re busy running your business, so CoOportunity Health has created CoOportunity Healthy Rewards, a turnkey program that rewards your employees for adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors. Plus, turnkey means CoOportunity Health will take care of all the communications to your employees about the program perks and privileges for you!

Healthy Rewards has two components:
1. Rewards for healthy living: your employees can earn a $100 VISA® gift card*; and
2. Discounts to save your employees’ money

We've created two fact sheets you can download, print and share!
Healthy Rewards Employer Fact Sheet
Healthy Rewards Member Fact Sheet

*Available to members 18 years of age and older; health assessment available in Spanish through Member Services.


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