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Use this directory to find providers in Iowa and Nebraska and in select counties in bordering states.

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National Provider Networks

Need care while on vacation or when traveling for work? Find a provider using the PHCS Network and the MultiPlan network in all states except Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota by following the steps below. These providers are considered out-of-network providers except for emergencies.

  1. On the MultiPlan page, click the PHCS box under "Back of Card" and choose "Continue" to search
  2. If you do not find the provider you need in PHCS, return to the MultiPlan page, click the MultiPlan box under "Back of Card" and choose "Continue" to search

Note: Do not use the PHCS/MultiPlan networks when seeking services in Iowa, Nebraska or South Dakota. Instead, use the Local Provider directory. If you receive care from a provider in one of these three states who is not in the Local Provider directory, you could be responsible for all or a greater portion of the charges. 

University of Iowa Health Alliance

CorePlus UI Health Alliance plans feature the practitioners, clinics and facilities of the University of Iowa Health Alliance:

  • Genesis Health System
  • Mercy-Cedar Rapids
  • Mercy Health Network
  • University of Iowa Health Care
  • Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare
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