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Personal Health Support 1.888.324.2064

Every CoOportunity Health member has access to personal health support to ensure that you receive extra support when you need it. One toll-free number—1.888.324.2064—puts you in touch with personalized services customized to fit your needs. Some of our members may simply need access to quick and knowledgeable help from CareLineSM 24/7 nurses who can help with urgent care questions. Other members may work long-term with a personal nurse to help with disease or condition management. Personal health support is one of the ways CoOportunity Health is different —with important services to guide members through healthcare and health insurance experience.

CareLineSM 24/7

Registered nurses are available any time of the day, 365 days a year to answer questions about treatments, medicines, urgent healthcare, pregnancy and new babies, or any question you may have after business hours.

Simply call 1.888.324.2064 for help.

Healthy Pregnancy

Personal Nurse Support for at-risk moms who work with a personal nurse specially trained in high-risk pregnancies.
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Behavioral Health Navigators

Behavioral Health Navigators offer support with finding a mental health or chemical dependency healthcare professional and can answer questions about coverage.

Simply call 1.888.324.2064 and ask to speak with a Behavioral Health Navigator.

Treatment & Decision Support

Nurse Navigators are ready to help you with decision support and coordination-of-care questions for medical issues.

Pharmacy Navigators help anticipate, research and answer complex pharmacy questions.

RxCheckup Pharmacists help you understand your medications and resolve concerns. Learn More>

Simply call 1.888.324.2064 and ask to speak with a Nurse Navigator or Pharmacy Navigator

Case Management

Case Managers are specially trained individuals who help members with complex health issues like major injury or a catastrophic medical or mental health condition.

Simply call 1.800.871.9243 to connect with a Case Manager that works with complex health issues.

Disease Support

Personal Nurse Support for members living with a condition such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease or depression. Our nurses can help you follow your treatment plan, fi nd balance in your life, build skills and knowledge about your condition, and work with your clinical care team.
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