Other Supported Transactions

CoOportunity Health has contracted with HealthPartners Administrators, Inc. to provide claims processing, medical management and certain other administrative services on our behalf.

HealthPartners Administrators, Inc. will be referred to as HPAI.

  1. Eligibility Inquiry (270/271)
  2. Claim Status Inquiry (276/277)
  3. Claim Attachments

Eligibility inquiry and response

HPAI has established several non-participating trading partner connections for the exchange of eligibility inquiry and response transactions (270/271) through fast batch and real-time mode.

Please contact the following non-participating trading partners to determine what services are offered and any costs incurred in establishing and maintaining a connection with these vendors. HealthPartners does not pay for fees associated to this transaction.

Clearinghouse/Intermediary Connection Type Phone Number
Claimlynx Real-time & Batch 952-593-5969
Emdeon Real-time 866-924-4634
Healthcare Fiscal Management, Inc (HFMI) Real-time & Batch 651-255-3395
Ext 101
Optum Healthia Exchange Real-time & Batch 866-367-9778
*HEALTHEC Batch 877-444-7194
MedData Health Real-time 877-633-3282
RelayHealth Real-time 800-527-8133

*IGI Health has been renamed to HEALTHEC

Claim status inquiry and response

HPAI can exchange Claim Status Inquiry and Response transactions electronically (276/277). Transaction and connection costs incurred for this transaction are the responsibility of the provider.

Claim attachments

Resources available for providers to submit claim attachments include:

Check with your clearinghouse to see if they can submit electronic attachments with your claims.