Electronic Remittance Advice (835)

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CoOportunity Health has contracted with HealthPartners Administrators, Inc. to provide claims processing, medical management and certain other administrative services on our behalf.

HealthPartners Administrators, Inc. will be referred to as HPAI.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) through a clearinghouse:

HPAI is able to send an Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) in a HIPAA compliant version (Claim Payment/Advice: 835V005010X221A1) to your facility through the following approved intermediaries/clearinghouses:

HPAI Clearinghouse Phone Number
Availity 1-800-Availity (282-4548)
ClaimLynx 952-593-5969
Emdeon 866-924-4634
*HEALTHEC 877-444-7194
Allscripts-Payerpath 800-877-5678
Post-n-Track 860-257-2030
RelayHealth 800-527-8133

Please work with your vendors to verify that a connection is established with one of these clearinghouses. If you are already enrolled to receive electronic remittance advices from HPAI, you will not need to reenroll.

Questions to ask your software vendor:

  • Do you accept ANSI 835 transactions? What version is accepted?
  • Which clearinghouses do you currently receive ERAs from?
  • What is the cost to install the module?
  • Are there additional per remittance charges associated with this capability?
  • Can you post remittances electronically?


HPAI pays the per claim charge when conducting business through our intermediaries for the 837 claims transactions only. Other connection costs may be incurred with the clearinghouse and are the responsibility of the provider.

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If you have questions about this information, contact Provider EDI support at [email protected] or 855.699.6694, option 3. Hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday.